Peter Drunklage? No Relation.

Our very own Peter Dinklage appeared on a Saturday Night Live sketch on April 6th during the Weekend Update segment. During an interview with Drunk Uncle (a recurring SNL character) on the state of taxes, we see Drunk Uncle’s brother-in-law, Peter Drunklage, who shares a similar proclivity to alcohol consumption and political ranting, especially against immigrants.

Judging from various commentators over the internet, some think that Peter Drunklage reflects Peter Dinklage’s views on taxes, immigration, and the Republican party. The first rule of surviving the intellectual decline in a post-literate society is to never read comments on any news article or YouTube video. I can’t speak for Mr. Dinklage’s personal political views, but I would hope that most SNL viewers, at least, would understand the level of satire that goes on in each sketch. So before assuming that Peter Dinklage is showing his support for either the GOP or chronic alcoholism, just remember 1) he’s an actor and 2) it’s SNL.

In other news, great to see Peter Dinklage on SNL! Many folks are clamoring for him to get to host the show. One day…

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Just an Evening?! with Game of Thrones

Behind the scenes with the Emmy’s, aired March 3, 2013 live on Featuring the man himself, George RR Martin, producers Benioff & Weiss, actors Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams and many other folks of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The 90-minute footage includes some great interaction between the cast and interviews with many of the major stars of this hit show.

An Evening with Game of Thrones

GoT Season 3 airs in just a few hours!

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Peter Dinklage talks Nerd Glaze, Game of Thrones & more

Peter Dinklage interview on The Daily Show. The phrase “nerd glaze” is coined to describe the obsession and after-effect of marathon watching Game of Thrones.

They also talk about his role in the 52nd Street Project production, STAND BY ME, The Reliable Plays. Peter Dinklage joins other actors to perform plays written by kids. Tickets are no longer available, but the Project has other events throughout the Summer.

Don’t forget to check out Season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which airs TONIGHT!

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Peter Dinklage in Demand a Plan PSA

Peter Dinklage joins other celebrities in a PSA from Demand A Plan, an organization created by lawmakers and victims of recent mass shootings, to put an end to gun violence. Spurred by the Connecticut school shooting this past December that left 26 people dead, most of them children, the spot is very similar to other celebrity call to action videos. Watch it below.

Urging stricter gun control, the PSA video includes Peter Dinklage, Sarah Silverman, Beyonce, Aziz Ansari, Jason Bateman, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, Steve Carrell, Ellen Degeneres and other Hollywood stars. While the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT was the catalyst, the Public Service Announcement lists the mass shootings in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, where gun violence has occurred in schools, workplaces, religious buildings, malls and other public places.

Demand a Plan is a campaign of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, co-founded by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino in 2006. Their goal is to pass legislation that will:

  • Require every gun buyer to pass a criminal background check (this would include private sales and gun show sales)
  • Get military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines off the streets
  • Make gun trafficking a federal crime

Hopefully something can be done to stop the gun violence. This might be a good start.

“Demand a plan. Right now.” – Peter Dinklage

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Winter is Coming Magic Mug

Now you see it, now you don’t! Just like the year of 2012.

Ring in the New Year with this “magic”, heat-sensitive mug full of coffee, tea or cocoa. Warm liquids turn the black mug white, while the words “Winter is Coming” are a dark reminder that beverages can’t drive away the chill of winter forever.

Available from the HBO Shop, the Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming Heat Sensitive Mug is only $17.99 and boasts an impressive 11oz capacity. Care instructions aren’t given, but you might want to hand wash as the dishwasher might turn the cup grey and funky as I have experienced with heat sensitive mugs in days past. Made of mammoth bone ceramic.

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Stark Direwolf Pin

Starks rule, Lannisters drool!

Show your support for the true King(s) and Queen(s) in the North with this Stark sigil pin featuring the snarling head of a Direwolf! Poor Ned couldn’t… cut it… as a Hand but here’s a badge that his children can wear. Like Robb when he takes the Throne and brings in a new era of peace. His mom Catelyn will be by his side and all will be right with Westeros once more.

This miniature (2-inch diameter) shield replica from Dark Horse is a modeled from actual Game of Thrones show props as seen on TV! This high-quality, versatile pin can be worn with casual clothes as well as formal attire, perfect from war tent to high table.

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Baratheon Stag Hoodie

Walk the woods with style while staying safe from hunters with this yellow Stag Sigil hoodie!

Baratheon Stag Hoodie

Featuring the mock-vintage, acid-washed symbol of House Baratheon, the Game of Thrones Baratheon Distressed Sigil Hoodie is a must for all King Robert fans! Although living in King’s Landing is nothing like keeping watch at the Wall, the nights still get a bit chilly, and Winter comes even to the southern lands. This yellow, poly-cotton blend is available from the HBO shop for $49.99

Nothing says “Ours is the Fury” like a crowned stag emblazoned on your cozy fleecey hoodie!

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Westeros Map Phone Case

Never get lost when you are out and about in Westeros with this map phone case!

Westeros Map iPhone Case

The map of the western lands of George RR Martin’s world of A Song of Ice and Fire, as depicted in the TV show Game of Thrones, is lovingly re-created on this phone case, available from the HBO Shop for $14.99. The Game of Thrones Westeros Map Phone Case will fit select popular models of cell phones, be sure to check the specs on your phone. May not fit iPhone 5 or later due to the longer design.

A great way to protect your phone and show your love for the show and the books!

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: GoT Magnets

If your fridge is looking a little boring, spruce it up a bit with some Game of Thrones magnets!

Game of Thrones Distressed Magnets

Have you ever wondered how you can distress magnets? Mr. Wizard might have a few ideas, but actually these magnets are fine and happy – it’s the House Sigils that are distressed. Wouldn’t you be after a few seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones? With six* of the noble houses, you get the distressed Stark Direwolf, Targaryen Dragon, Greyjoy Kraken, Baratheon Stag, Stannis Burning Heart*, and Lannister Lion. To remind you that these are true GoT merchandise, each magnet has the Game of Thrones logo underneath the the House symbol.

An HBO exclusive, the Game of Thrones Distressed House Sigil Magnets set of 6 is available in the HBO Shop online. Each magnet is 2.5 x 3.5 inches and perfect for refrigerators, file cabinets and other metal furnishings.

*As discussed earlier, the Stannis sigil is completely thrown together by a megalomaniac and his psycho priestess, so really you get 5 Great Houses and one whacked out design on your magnet set.

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Hodor, Bran & Reeds Diorama

Hodor! Hodor Hodor Hodor!

Gentle Hodor carries Bran Stark to safety, accompanied by the Reed children, Meera and Jojen, as Winterfell burns. This diorama piece from Dark Sword Miniatures depicts the fear and confusion of the group’s escape from Theon Greyjoy’s rising madness and flee north to the Wall in hopes of help from the Night’s Watch. Sold as a combo with individual statue bases and a bonus pewter diorama base that positions the crew together.

The confusion on Hodor’s face is priceless as he scratches his shaggy head. Bran rests in his woven basket as the Reeds prepare themselves for wargs and wizards.

The Hodor diorama is available from the Dark Sword store page for $39.99. Sculpted by Tom Meier, each scale miniature is cast in pewter and resin and is sold unpainted. It is up to you, as artist and collector, to paint according to your own whims. The images of the painted versions on the website feature the work of artist Matt Verzani.


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