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24 TV Show: Microreview Season Two

24 is less spectacular than other shows like Sopranos, The Shield, Law & Order, and almost unwatchable until half way through the season. I haven’t seen last year’s eps – this is “Day 2″. There are a lot of things that really annoy me about this show – most everything goes along just as you would expect it to, but then throw in some big twists for excitement. It’s all about terrorism, conspiracies and stuff, so I’m sure it appeals to a lot of people.

I was more interested in some of the other plots (there are many different plots and they do “innovative” techniqes to show them all happening at once) than the “bad guys” vs the Pres. So in some ways this show isn’t the best thing on TV, but it is something to watch if you like drawn out excitement.

Some of the neatest characters die! And the character Sherrie always transfixes me with her makeup. Her makeup distracts me. It’s really done well, not in a really “natural” look but more like, “I *am* wearing makeup and it looks good” statement. Go figure. I rarely wear make up.

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The Shield TV Show (FX) – Microreview

Now in it’s second season, this year The Shield is phenomenal. I’m really really impressed on how this show has matured in plot, characters, and cinematics. Season one was good at bringing us in, but from this season’s first episode, you can tell they’ve put in a lot of work to keep their fans happy. This is another violent show with bad words, so watch with caution.

Love or hate the characters. Root for them or boo them. It’s now more complex than just good cops vs. bad cops. My favorite characters are getting more screen time this season. Claudette is busting some heads, Julian is experiencing sexual realignment, poor Danni is just getting a LOT of shit, and Dutch is being a complete whiney dork. Yay!

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Law & Order TV Show (NBC): Microreview

Everyone loves Law! You have to know what this show is, it’s been on for 10 years.

Now there’s even more law – Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent. Last summer they even had a show with real cases, they showcased the lawyer and the victims they were seeking justice for. It was a pretty neat show, but a lot of people were bothered by it because it was real – not just for our amusement. I still love it – I like to see the difference in fiction and reality. Pretty close, so Law & Order does a really good job! There’s an episode of Law 3 times a week, plus a billion reruns on cable.

So there’s lots of Law – with SVU being the best so far and general Law & Order being lowest, simply because the blonde chick (producer’s daughter) is hogging the screen time. CI is pretty good, but SVU is just a tich better.

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Sopranos TV Show (HBO): Microreview

This is my all-time favorite show. The fourth season was really good – everything comes together and there’s violence, there’s comedy, there’s relationship problems… it makes it all real and believable but still bizarre and fun. WE WANT MORE.

Their seasons start at weird times, not sure when the new one starts. Seasons 1-3 are out on DVD, buy or rent them NOW. Sorry for all the yelling – it’s just that good. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of violent shows or movies, there might be stuff here for you to like. It’s worth your time. There’s a lot of good Sopranos sites out there if you want more info, although I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about it already. It’s about a mob boss with panic attacks, his whacky family and friends. They laugh, they cry, and sometimes they kill each other.

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Daredevil Movie: Microreview

About 30 minutes into the movie I threw up. I don’t know if it counts as projectile vomiting, but it was definitely ricochet vomiting, bouncing off the jacket I had in my lap (luckily) and splattering on the aisle floor. Luckily, I had insisted on an aisle seat.

Went to the restrooms. I cleaned myself up, put my clothes in a plastic bag a nice bathroom attendant gave me, and went back to watch the rest of the movie. Things were pretty good after that, but then I had the barfy feeling again, and luckily held it ’til I got to the bathroom, but the toilet didn’t fare so well. Neither did my shoes. I feel really bad for the attendant having to clean that up.

I don’t know if the movie was really that bad, but I think that I’ll always have a negative view of this film.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

(Edit: I uploaded this review 5/2011 from another blog. Looking back, I think this may be the reason why I have an aversion to Ben Afleck. I think this is a break through in my therapy.)

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25th Hour Movie: A Microreview

25th Hour, a “Spike Lee Joint” starring Ed Norton and a few other folks I recognized. Based on a book, and I am thinking that the movie adaptation just didn’t grasp it as well as the book did; without having read the book, it’s just an assumption. But the flow of the movie was really episodic and kinda “boring” in some ways – it was almost all characterizations. You’d think I’d like that. I suppose I did, but the movie just made me think of humanity as scummy. I guess it is scummy.

I really liked the ending, but not in a negative sense of “sure glad this movie is over” kind of way. The last few minutes seemed to give purpose to the rest of the movie. Although 25th Hour had a dog play prominently in the story, the plot itself didn’t grip me. But overall, it was a good flick. Good cinematics.

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