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Reservoir Dogs Movie: Microreview

Watched Reservoir Dogs again last night; we had bought the new DVD a while ago and just got around to seeing it. Had a few special features, like some deleted scenes, interviews, and a commentary. Would like to watch the commentary sometime.

The deleted scenes weren’t that great. Sometimes movies have some really good deleted scenes that they couldn’t fit in because of time, but these weren’t really good and they didn’t add to the cohesiveness of the film. Too much extraneous info. Plus two more scenes of the ear cutting; the second one just looks way too fake. The way it is in the movie is much, much better. I bet this was really shocking for 1991. It seems… tame by comparison to some of the movies out there now. I still like it, it’s quite amusing.

I like Tarantino films. I start to analyse shots sometimes and start to ignore the plot of the movie. I think Reservoir Dogs makes good use of sound – music and general sounds: shouting matches in the warehouse, anguished cries of Mr. Orange, that kinda thing.

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