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Lucky TV Show: Microreview

The bad thing about reviewing TV shows is that you don’t know if they’re any good until a few episodes in, and then people don’t want to come in on the middle of the show (at least if it’s plot-oriented which so many shows are not).

I’ve been keeping my eye on “Lucky”, starring John Corbett (of Northern Exposure fame), as a hopeful candidate for a good summer show while The Shield is on break. The verdict? It’s good! It’s about a “professional” gambler in Las Vegas (of all places to be a gambler…) who’s alternately trying to quit and making the big bucks by not quitting. He has a love interest and side-kicks and enemies. What more can you ask for in a show about vice and a gambler’s lifestyle? Also very cool is the music; they had “The Shining”, a song by the neat band Badly Drawn Boy.

Lucky, wherefor art thou, Lucky? I really need to find out if Lucky will return to FX next season. Sidenote: I strongly believe that Lucky’s character was modeled after poker champ Devilfish Ulliott.)

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