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24 TV Show: Microreview Season Three

I’m highlighting this show as a warning. Don’t even bother with it this season. The cheese is too stinky to be enjoyable. Jack is a heroin fiend, his daughter, Kim the wonderblonde, works for CSU and is engaged to someone also working there whom Jack doesn’t seem to like much. Of course they *must* tell him about it during a high-alert crisis.

The Pres survived last season’s ebola handshake, and is now smoochy with some lady doctor. The seedy Mexican druglords aren’t even seedy. It’s catastrophically bad, and I say this from an informed opinion after watching it for 15 minutes.

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The Handler TV Show (CBS): Microreview

Awesomely great show.

The guy who played Ralphy from the Sopranos now has his own show – hurrah! He’s an FBI agent who trains (‘handles’) undercover agents. They all get into lots of mischief. Guest stars such as Lou Diamond Philips. CBS on Friday nights.

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Nip/Tuck TV Show (FX): Microreview

This season is over, but if you catch the rerunning of it please do! It’s slow-going for the first 5 eps, but you become engrossed and thoroughly entertained. The characters are sorta shallow but that’s part of the beauty of the show – you don’t expect them to do anything outside their own boundaries, and when they do, it surprises you. They aren’t necessarily characters you love to hate, but they take their lumps and dish it out. It’s great.

The ending was incredible. Unfortunately, the last 2 minutes got cut off early and I’m left hanging… argh! Watch it on FX.

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