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Confessions of an AniZona 3 Survivor

Wow. AniZona 3 was… sloppy. On the scale of WTF? sloppy.

My biggest draws to an anime convention are 1) the AMV contest, 2) panels and 3) video showings.

I’m not a huge cosplay fan, but I do enjoy a well-done costume. I loved the Kingdom Hearts cosplayers with the really cool keys! So I usually don’t goto the Masquerades, unless there’s no line or no ticketing needed. I hear this one bombed.

This year, I had a big gripe with the re-scheduling of events and panels without any real notice.

The AMV contest was rescheduled at 5 instead of 3 on Friday, and I was OK with that. I know things had to accommodate the earlier than expected closing of the Convention Center (we all needed to be out by midnight or Fines would ensue). However, the AMV contest ended up starting at 4 instead of the re-schedule that was posted on the door of the theatre. I think this left a lot of people confused to say the least. This affected the people who showed up and voted… There was a reshowing on Saturday, which was good, but not everyone knew this.

Those doing panels were rescheduled without anyone contacting the presenters… We (me, Shawn and Gina) had first hand experience with this, and so it ended up just being me and Gina doing the panel. Our panel was misnamed, had the wrong description and at the wrong time in all of the programming guides (there were two, both wrong). When we inquired about who to see about the info being all wrong in the guide, the response was “How do you even know it’s your panel?” Hr hr hr!…not funny. The programming guides were just wrong about everything, the “real” schedules were posted in one location and changed throughout the day.

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