Civic duties and such

Tuesday was the presidential preference election so once again Shawn and I helped out at the voting hub in Scottsdale. My fam’s neighbor got us into being voter staff back in 2006. Basically, you get to the assigned hub location and set up the truck and blinky signs to let people know where they drop off the ballots and other voting paraphernalia for each district. Then we wait for polls to close and people arrive with their stuff. We check off each district as they drop off their cargo and we load it into the big truck, which then takes it to downtown Phoenix and they unload it all there. All the tallies are included on an electronic cartridge which a guy with a computer uploads to a central server. The paper ballots are still kept track of, just in case.

Somehow, the voting coordinators thought that there would be a low turnout and only had a few polling locations open and a bare bones staff. They were wrong! Lots of people came out to vote for party candidates. (Although we technically have open primaries, it doesn’t apply this time so Independents couldn’t vote.) We didn’t get the first dropoffs until well after 7:30 and one district didn’t show up. We stayed until after 10, but there was nothing more we could do so we got to go home.

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