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Olympic Soccer

I have become hooked on soccer again, just like when the Men’s World Cup rolled around back in ’06. This is somewhat of a shocker because in general I can’t stand sports. Soccer (the REAL football) and hockey are the only ones I could ever get into.

The Japan vs Norway in women’s soccer was just totally awesome. Japan went on to beat China and will now play USA on Monday. USA has also played well, beating Canada (aw!) on Friday. So now I’m not sure who to root for on Monday…

In men’s football, I like Argentina, and Belgium has become a favorite since they beat out Italy on Saturday. Generally, for the men’s teams I lean towards the South/Latin American teams as well as select European teams – Portugal was my FAVORITE team in the World Cup and I like Italy and, grudgingly, Germany.

I’m new to women’s football – totally missed the Women’s World Cup – but it seems to be quite similar to men’s and it’s just as enjoyable, if not more so in terms of skill.

I really like active gameplay which is why Japan has become a favorite in women’s, they really blew me away in the game vs Norway. They have good defensive skills as shown in the game vs China, as China is also an aggressive player. USA is also pretty balanced, so although I like the Canadian team, I was happy when my home team won.

Can’t wait for the semi finals!!!

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