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To Spore, an apology sort of

Spore, I am sorry for doubting you.

But honestly, you did make the game really simple in the first FOUR stages. I was disappointed in your lack of real evolution and I let that get the better of me as I evolved and devoured my way to a bigger brain, muttering about the lack of random mutations and the absurdity of suddenly sprouting legs just like way the Creationist version of evolution portrays it. I thought maybe you had set science back a little.

But then I realized, this is a game and it should be fun, so let’s enjoy the ride. Designing creatures is amusing, although my first few creations look horribly deformed and are crimes against nature. Life being a blobbie is really fun and relaxing and I was disgruntled with you assuming I should just take my legs and run with them on the big, scary dry land.

It was self-affirmation in my chosen herbivorous lifestyle, as I wept every time I killed and devoured an impossibly cute monkey/birdie/blowfish bubble creature. So I settled for just completely destroying anyone who wouldn’t make friends with me, and eating them.

I wasn’t blown away with the Tribal stage, which seemed like the management aspect of Black & White. Moving right along… what’s next? Civilization? Awesome! Complex social interaction and strategy? Not really.

But I can design my own vehicles and houses! Yay? Yawn. Not really compelling to me, but I like my strawberry house. Too bad meanies want to destroy me and steal my spice. Best to just kill them.

And then, there was SPACE.

And I forgive you. I’m sorry. You are a great game after all.

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