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30 day song challenge, day 06

30 day song challenge, day 06
A song that reminds you of somewhere
They Might Be Giants, New York City

I realize this is a cop out for day 5 (and it’s also been a week since my last Challenge post, also with a TMBG song), but this is in the NYC mix Shawn put together for me. I have to admit, NYC is a very friendly place so I’m glad things all worked out in its favor.

I love NYC! Except for the last time, when I ran out of money and nearly missed my flight because of the Veteran’s Day parade.

Cross-posted from facebook, where this and other 30-day challenge memes have been unleashed.

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A Song of Ice and Fire Recap: For the Readers

Well, now that Game of Thrones is all over for the next 9 or 10 months, you may be thinking that life is dull and without meaning. Fear not, at least for book readers! The new book A Dance with Dragons comes out July 12.

Game of Thrones TV show fans who haven’t read the series really should use this time to read the books. There is so much back history to the world that George R R Martin has created, you really are missing out on some most-excellent story-telling. And you are certainly free from the looong wait times that have plagued this series. Not that we’re completely free of such misfortune in the future. Hopefully not six years, though – right? RIGHT?

Current A Song of Ice and Fire readers may want to freshen their knowledge, so I have compiled some links to articles recapping what’s happened in Westeros and Essos. So why not go all in and read from the very beginning, the Dawn of Days? The Wertzone blog has done such a thing, and Adam Whitehead has put together a pretty concise timeline of events in GRRM’s world.

Part One: Ancient History documents from the Dawn of Days starting twelve thousand years before the current storyline of ASoIaF up to the formation of the Seven Kingdoms (there were actually 8 at that time). This includes the presence of the Children of the Forest, the events of The Long Night and subsequent War for the Dawn, the Andal Invasion, the Flight of the Rhoynar and the rise and fall of Valyria.

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A Dance with Dragons Early Release due to Amazon Snafu

If you haven’t heard this one, get ready to abandon the internets for a while, or at least until you’ve read your copy of A Dance with Dragons!

Amazon Germany, due to a glitch of some sort, released about 180 copies of A Dance with Dragons (people in the know just call it Dance) early. This is pretty upsetting to the publishers to be certain, but the ramifications are not lost on fans who are being spoiled by douchebags blabbing all over forums and social influencers. Some spoilers are also false, much to the trolls’ delight and forum moderators’ dismay – they’re the ones who have to slog through all the muck and tidy things up for us.

Other merchandisers have also released the book ahead of time, so the number is likely to grow, and the effects of this “leak” may snowball. No one is safe, pandemonium has been unleashed, so it’s highly advisable to unplug your internets.

Unkilled by the Heathen blog, spoiler-free since June 27th, 2011.

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Bullet (1996) Movie Review

Within the first 10 minutes of Bullet you see nekkid dudes and a good eye-stabbing. That’s some quality craft.

This is a story about Butch Stein (Mickey Rourke), AKA “Bullet” who gets out of prison and gets right back into the game (general thuggery) about an hour after being paroled. But get this – he was in jail for a crime he didn’t commit! He ain’t no snitch, see?

Don’t worry, they’ll attempt to give Bullet dimensions as the movie plays out.

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Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones Cast Nominated for Tubey Awards!

The heat is on! The Tubey Award nominations for the 2010-2011 TV season are live! Semi-final voting is now in the works. Lots of GoT goodness in the first round of nominations, vote now to make sure they reach the final rounds!

New sets of polls will be live June 27, July 5, July 11.

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) is nominated for Best Actor, along with fellow Thronsians Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) and Sean Bean (Ned Stark).

For Best Actress, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) are nominated.

In addition, Maisie Williams is up for Supporting Actor/Actress Deserving Starring Role. Hell yes!

Game of Thrones is nominated for Best New Show and Best Drama.

Best Performance by Inanimate Object: Cauldron of boiling gold (the one that produced Viserys’ crown), the swords Ice & Needle and the Iron Throne are all nominated. I hesitate to mention, but they have stiff competition from the likes of the Psych Pineapple.

Best Romantic relationship noms to Cat & Ned, Cersei & Jaime, Dany & Drogo.

Worst Romantic relationship: Sansa & Joffrey, Cersei & Jaime. I wonder if C&J will win both?

Best Non-Romantic Friendship: Bran & Tyrion, Jon & Sam, Jon & Tyrion. Before Bronn & Tyrion shippers cry foul, note that they have been nominated in their own category: Best HoYay! couple. I don’t even know what HoYay! is, perhaps bromance is too 2010? Edit: found it!

Best Family Relationship: The Lannisters and The Starks get the noms.

Worst Crime Against Fashion: Cersei’s hair (is it that bad for a pseudo-medieval non-Earth setting?)

Most Egregious Product Placement: Valyrian Steel

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Peter Dinklage Invited to Vote in The Oscars

Peter Dinklage, among other actors, animators and artists, has been invited to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Each nominee is reviewed by the AMPAS’ membership committee before being judged worthy (or not) and officially invited to join. Members can now vote for their picks for the Oscars.

Peter Dinklage joins 177 other newly invited members in an interesting mix of talent, such as Beyonce (Dreamgirls), Russell Brand (Hop, Arthur), David Duchovny (The X-Files), Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) and Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker), who was in Ascension Day (2007) along with Peter Dinklage.

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Peter Dinklage & Thrones Cast Nominated for Portal Awards

Airlock Alpha has announced their 2011 Portal Award nominees, and includes Game of Thrones, the cast and the first episode!

Peter Dinklage is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Television category. Nobody can argue against this as a sure thing.

Nominated for Best Actor & Actress in Television are Sean Bean & Lena Headey, respectively.

The next category is a tough one for me, as I love both of these actors: Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Maisie Williams are both nominated for Best Young Actor. Ooooh, I’m going to have to say Maisie as Arya, but Isaac will probably be outstanding in the next season(s) as Bran. Both of them are incredible young actors! One day they’ll actually be old enough to watch the show!

GoT Episode 1: Winter Is Coming is nominated for Best Episode in Television.

Finally, Game of Thrones is also nominated as Best Series in Television. It should win, hands down.

Fans can now vote once per day for the next 30 days, starting today, June 25th. Let’s get the Thrones cast a bunch of Porties!!!

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Peter Dinklage Nominated: Individual Achievement in Drama TCA Award

Peter Dinklage has been nominated for the Individual Achievement in Drama award by The Television Critics Association! He is the only cast member to be singled out for such an honor, although the Game of Thrones TV Show is nominated for 3 additional TCA awards: Outstanding Achievement in Drama, Outstanding New Program, and even Program of the Year.

The nominations were announced on June 13, so yes I’m a bit slow on the reporting. More than 200 professional critics and journalists from the United States and Canada form the TCA. The winners of this year’s 27th Annual TCA Awards will be announced at a private, non-televised event on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

Good luck to Peter Dinklage and everyone who has worked on HBO’s Game of Thrones!

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Peter Dinklage WAS NOT IN “In Bruges”


Peter Dinklage: Not in In Bruges

Psssst....It's Jordan Prentice who stars in "In Bruges"

I think I see the “He was great in In Bruges” comment at least eleventy-hundred times a week.

For examples of the many, many, many films that Peter Dinklage actually IS in (as well as TV shows, theatrical appearances & more), please see the Peter Dinklage Filmography page.

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30 day song challenge, day 05

30 day song challenge, day 05
A song that reminds you of someone
They Might Be Giants, Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

This song, reminds me of my ferret Skitzo. We used to “dance” together to this song all the time, I’m convinced she loved it. Here’s the Tiny Toons version, with sound effects.

Cross-posted from facebook, where this and other 30-day challenge memes have been unleashed.

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