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General Bloggity

I would love to write up my thoughts on A Dance with Dragons, which I finished on Sunday (thank you very much for holding me hostage for 2 weeks, Mr. Martin), but I’ve become afflicted with pains in my thumb and hand, probably blog-related. Expect little from me for a while. :(

Also, I went ahead and cancelled my cable TV. I’m now at the mercy of Netflix streaming. So between Lost and Hoarders, I should be ok for a while. I’ll be sure to send a raven if I become too out of touch with popculture. D’oh.

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Peter Dinklage at Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-up: GoT and Knights of Badassdom Panels

Peter Dinklage had a lot going on at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Not only did he have two panels to attend, he also gave some interviews and attended press events.

Sadly, I was not in attendance at Comic-con 2011 so I have nothing to report first-hand. But I did scour the internet to find some of the best video clips and interviews for you, fellow Dinklage fans.

Game of Thrones Panel

The GoT panel at Comic-Con had a huge turnout, thousands in line had to be turned away. Long line was loooong.

Hopefully you got to follow along with some live coverage of the panel from either HBO Connect or If not, then check out this run-down from WiC’s very special FaBio. Sums it up nicely!

Just in case you want to see the event with your own eyes, a number of kindly folk have uploaded on the ‘Tube: here (via ThinkHero), here (in bite-sized chunks) and here.

Knights of Badassdom Panel

More quipping from Peter Dinklage at the KOB panel, with fellow costars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Summer Glau (Firefly), Jimmi Simpson (Always Sunny in Philidelphia) and director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2).

Couldn’t dig up any live footage, but provided some live blogging and a few minor spoilers from the cast.

Here are some great articles on Peter Dinklage’s skills in battle, insight into his character Hung, and some more goodies on the KOB cast are buried in this con-report from

Watch the Knights of Badassdom trailer! “In a world….” prefaces all the greatest trailers.

Fingers crossed that Knights of Badassdom is released Spring 2012.

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Game of Thrones Comic-Con Coverage

So here’s the situation: You are a dedicated George R. R. Martin fan, love the Game of Thrones HBO show, and think that Peter Dinklage is the most awesome person on the planet. You also don’t have tickets to San Diego’s Comic-Con, where the icons of your fandom will be during the next 4 days, mostly because it was sold out months before they announced any GRRM/GoT stuff and, and, and… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

If you are one of those 6.9 billion people who aren’t going to Comic-Con this year, there is still hope for a peek at the Game of Thrones panel. HBO Connect is holding a live commentary during the event. I’m not sure if it’s going to have audio, video, or just a bunch of tweets, but at least it’s something for us beggars. At least until fan footage shows up on YouTube.

You can also sign up for the Game of Thrones event on Facebook. It starts 6PM ET/3PM PT and lasts about an hour.


Winter-is-Coming goes boots-on-the-ground! WiC will be MEGA live blogging from the Game of Thrones panel and aggregating tweets and photos! Oh, the things they do for love.

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Still alive, not finished yet!

Not even half-way through A Dance with Dragons.

Or should I say

*minor spoiler*

A Dance with Impostors?

Curiouser and curiouser. So bloody good!

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30 day song challenge, day 12

30 day song challenge, day 12
A song from a band you hate

I can hate lots of bands, but I especially hate Led Zepplin. Sorry, universe. It’s just the way it has to be. This song is particularly atrocious, but probably not even their worst.

Cross-posted from facebook, where this and other 30-day challenge memes have been unleashed.

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30 day song challenge, day 11

30 day song challenge, day 11
A song from your favorite band
Mr. Bungle, Super Mario Brothers Medley

There’s that word “favorite” again. Ugh. Tough call. I’ll use this, Super Mario theme from Mr. Bungle, live at Club Lingerie in 1991. Mike Patton seems a bit drunk.

Cross-posted from facebook, where this and other 30-day challenge memes have been unleashed.

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Peter Dinklage Emmy Nomination! 13 Noms for GoT!

It was inevitable: Peter Dinklage has the Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor in HBO’s Game of Thrones. I’d say his chances are pretty good, but watch out for Justified‘s Walton Goggins!

GoT has 13 Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series. No kidding! The show has the most outstanding cast ever, and it’s a shame that not all of them could be nominated and win.

Here is a list of all the 2011 Emmy nominations for Game of Thrones, listed alphabetically:

Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
Outstanding Costumes For A Series
Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series
Outstanding Main Title Design
Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)
Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Miniseries, Movie Or A Special
Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series
Outstanding Stunt Coordination
Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

For a peek at all the nominations, check out The Daily Beast’s 2011 Emmy Nominations Gallery.

Fantastic! Good luck to Peter Dinklage and the cast and crew of Game of Thrones! Emmy wins will be announced live and televised on Sunday, September 18, 2011.

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30 day song challenge, day 10

30 day song challenge, day 10
A song that makes you fall asleep
Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb

Anything by Pink Floyd makes me sleepy. That’s not to say I don’t like them – I love them, they’re so awesome – but anything after Syd Barrett left the band just gets me all drowsy.

Cross-posted from facebook, where this and other 30-day challenge memes have been unleashed.

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Peter Dinklage Annotated Timeline

Since I haven’t posted in several many days, and being that I just got A Dance with Dragons with which I’ll be MIA for just as long, I thought a quick mention of the latest chart I put together on the Peter Dinklage Popularity page would suffice for a blog post.

Maybe not; history will be the judge.

I’ve been playing around with Google Docs and spreadsheets and whatnot for a good many years and love the flexibility of it. The execution of doing what you want is still somewhat limited, especially exporting. Anyways, I really love the Annotated Timeline format and thought the best use for it EVER would be to make a Peter Dinklage “Timeline of Tweets” and other social media mentions. So I did, and I can now share it with world, thanks to some Google Gadgets. More info on the Popularity Page, but basically this maps out the twitter, facebook, flicker, photobucket and a ton of other “social” sites that have people talking about Peter Dinklage.

So as I keep tabs on that busy Mr. Dinklage, I can keep you all up to date as well. It’s pretty much the best thing ever on the list of best things ever. Cross your fingers that it keeps working, because I have no idea how to fix it if it blows up.

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30 day song challenge, day 09

30 day song challenge, day 09
A song that you can dance to, Coconut

That is to say, a song you try to dance to, but just end up hopping about, gesticulating like a lunatic.

Cross-posted from facebook, where this and other 30-day challenge memes have been unleashed.

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