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Official: Peter Dinklage to Play Herve Villechaize

Many moons ago, my little birds told me that maybe-possibly Peter Dinklage was going to play Herve Villechaize in the upcoming biography, My Dinner with Herve. It turns out the rumor was true, and the movie should start shooting next year. Dominic Cooper co-stars as the reporter who last interviews the actor, best known as Tattoo from Fantasy Island, before he committed suicide on September 4, 1993.

The actual reporter who met with Villechaize was Sacha Gervasi, the screenwriter and director of the upcoming film. No other names have been announced, and casting is still in the works.

Quoth Peter Dinklage to TV Guide: “He was an amazing painter and did a lot of charity work with children but had tremendous heartbreak.”

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