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Dinklage Update: March 2012

I know I’ve fallen down on the job of reporting the latest news involving Peter Dinklage, but I am ready to pay my penance and return as your diligent Dinklage detail discoverer.

Especially since Game of Thrones returns THIS SUNDAY NIGHT.

Back to the latest breaking Dinklage news…

A Little Bit of Heaven, a film we’ve been waiting on for forever here in the US, will finally be released in theaters on May 4th, after bouncing around Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East… everywhere but here since early 2011. Want to see it at home before then? You can buy it from iTunes on April 3rd – next week!

Not gonna lie – I’m no fan of the rom-com, and am only going to see this for A Little Bit of Dinklage.

But wait – there’s more!

Remember Penelope? And how Dinklage nailed the role of Lemon? Well, Mark Palansky is taking two from that show’s cast and making a new movie, starring Peter Dinklage and Catherine O’Hara (Penelope, SCTV) titled Rememory. Not much has been released on the sci-fi like plot, but stuff happens and there will be a thing, I’m sure. Filming for Rememory starts in May. So prepare yourselves for another neat movie from these folks.

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Phoenix Film Festival Starts… Now

Good news, People of Earth!

Lucky old me scored some passes to the Phoenix Film Festival – all thanks to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange! I won a contest they held as part of their Ticket Tuesday series of rewarding loyal fans and customers. Actually, there were pretty high odds of winning – less than 20 entries with only 10 winners so it was more than 50-50. So be sure to keep an eye on Bookmans!

What this means for you is that I will be kicking ass and taking names… make that just writing up some reviews for the films if my ferret-like memory will allow me to remember anything about whatever. I am, however, an expert note-jotter which got me through decades of schooling.

The Phoenix Film Festival is celebrating its 12th year in 2012. My math wizardry tells me this event is as old as the 21st century! So yeah, it’s something to be proud of. Showing over 150 films a year, the Phoenix Film Fest goes on for 8 days and truly requires a trooper such as I to experience every minute. This year, they have returned to Harkins Scottsdale 101 to spread the madness and hedonism…as well as art and culture for the more refined folk.

I won’t be attending tonight as I’m not a platinum or VIP member, so no opening night gala nor any Robot & Frank, which looks super awesome and I’m kinda bummed.

Here is a short selection of what I am planning to see (subject to ticket availability):

Hollywood to Dollywood
It’s In The Blood
Monster Brawl

…and that’s just on Friday!!!

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