2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Baratheon Stag Hoodie

Walk the woods with style while staying safe from hunters with this yellow Stag Sigil hoodie!

Baratheon Stag Hoodie

Featuring the mock-vintage, acid-washed symbol of House Baratheon, the Game of Thrones Baratheon Distressed Sigil Hoodie is a must for all King Robert fans! Although living in King’s Landing is nothing like keeping watch at the Wall, the nights still get a bit chilly, and Winter comes even to the southern lands. This yellow, poly-cotton blend is available from the HBO shop for $49.99

Nothing says “Ours is the Fury” like a crowned stag emblazoned on your cozy fleecey hoodie!

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  1. I enjoy Arya’s spirit. Seriously clever and one of the more intriguing players in the show. I’m excited to her
    adventures in Braavos, though I think they’ll be delving great deal more into that next season.

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