2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: GoT Card Game Expansions

Jazz up the cold winter nights with some great expansion packs for The Game of Thrones card game!

If you were with us last year when we posted about the Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game, you know all about this game and jousts and melees and how each card is an individual work of art. Well now dive deeper into the game with these expansion decks from Fantasy Flight that enhance your game with extended House cards. The Lords of Winter expansion includes Starks and Tullys, and using it alone will create a dominant force in the North. Balance out that power with the other expansion packs, such as Queen of Dragons with House Targaryen that enhances the traits of Dragons and Dothraki.

With the Princes Of The Sun Expansion, you bring the might of House Martell to the gameplay in full force. Now available with the Dornish cards is a new Civil War option, based on the way their house held the Targaryens at bay. The King of Seas expansion lets you play the traitorous Greyjoys with their raiding warship fleet. While there are other house expansions, the Baratheons are a dead line and nobody wants to play a Lannister.

If you tend to build your own decks and don’t stick to particular houses, any of the expansions to Game of Thrones LCG will bring new elements and strategies, so feel free to buy the ones you like best. Otherwise, buy as many as you can to keep all the houses equal during play.

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