2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: GoT Shot Glasses

Complete your Game of Thrones poker night with these House sigil shot glasses!

Game of Thrones Shot Glasses

Now that you have your set of playing cards, you need to liven up your game with these shot glasses featuring 9 of the Great Houses of Westeros, plus the weird stag-burning-heart thing that Stannis made up. This ten glass set features the Stark Direwolf, the Greyjoy Kraken, the Baratheon Stag, the Arryn Eagle, the Targaryen Dragon, the Martell Spear-pierced Sun, the Tyrell Rose, the Tully Trout, the Lannister Lion, and the bastardized Stannis sigil for the splinter House Baratheon of Dragonstone. The House words are on the back; except, of course, for the Stannis cup, which only has the GoT logo because he just made all this up five minutes ago. Bottoms up!

The Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glasses, an HBO Store exclusive, are available for $59.99.

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