Aymi Andrews (aka Spyral and KeyZero around the interwebs)

Worked in Web design since 1995. The business arm of Destiny’s Ink is now Digital Infinity Designs, where we do video editing instead of web development, which I hate. Eventually, I will also hate video editing but give it another 10 years. Viva la post-literate society!

Graduated from Arizona State University in ’02 with a degree in anthropology.

Besides anthropology, I’m interested in the other sciences, especially anything dealing with animals and evolution. Yeah, I said evolution, probably one of the most hotly debated topics OUTSIDE of the scientific community. Get over it. I’m totally addicted to Animal Planet and the Discovery Science channel with some other shows thrown in. Like… DIY shows. Oh, the humanity!!!

My Digital Development

I absolutely love video games, except FPS (first person shoot-em-ups), which I’ve never been able to get into. I have poor spatial skills. 

I got into computer games at an early age, when my brother had the revolutionary Apple IIc in the early 80s, with games like “Maniac Mansion”, “Transylvania”, “Karateka”, “Marble Madness”, “Snooper Troops”, “Oregon Trail”, “Graphics Magician”, “The Coveted Mirror”, etc. Many of these games were from Penguin Software/Polarware, who created the Graphics Magician software that lead to some pretty great games of that time period. Ah, the nostalgia!

Fast forward into the Late 80s and Wee 90s, I did have an NES, but most of the games didn’t appeal, although yes, I did play Mario and spent an entire Xmas holiday from school playing Tetris. I was more into the Sega Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog, Echo the Dolphin, and embarrassingly enough, Crüe Ball.

By the mid-90s, some super computer (PC) games that shaped my formative teen years were Betrayal at Krondor and Star Control 2. BaK was based off the Riftwar novels by Raymond E. Feist, and bits from the computer game were actually written into the series’ canon. The StarCon series was created by Toys for Bob, and everyone, EVERYONE is clamoring for more.

The late 90s brought some innovate games in the form of Creatures

A lot of classic games are now available at Grand Old Games (GoG.com). They have been patched and tweaked to be playable on new PC/Windows platforms – DRM free!

Currently, I’m a huge fan of the Nintendo Wii and DS. I haven’t yet obtained a Sony PS3, and I’m not really into Xbox (see FPS, above). The newest Nintendo offerings are really innovative. The Wii is revolutionary because it uses a movement-sensitive “Wii-mote”, balance board and other accessories that encourages you to get off your duff and move. The Nintendo DS touch-screen lets you tap-tap-tap your way to fun!

For more about video games, check out Vox!

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    I think about dink 24/7, its so sad that i cant meet him. i cry every night while taking my baths. #needmoredinklage

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