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On Kittens and Sundry

The first monsoon storm of the season hit today, breaking up the 110+ degree heat, at least for the evening.

A couple days ago, a litter of kittens appeared on my porch. Mama Cat had been hanging around the cul-de-sac for the past 3 weeks, so I guess she’s been moving them around. Everyone’s got me pegged for a sucker, so I’ve been making sure she has food, water, and a cool area for her brood to play in. We’re thinking that she belongs to someone in the neighborhood, and either they don’t know or care that she’s got kittens or they booted her out because of it.

Kittens hanging out under a bush

Everybody say wayo

Let’s be clear. I live in a cat-free household, by choice. In my head, I know that kittens, adorable as they are, grow up to be cats. But in my heart, I feel that maybe just these kitties will stay innocent, sweet, and unable to maul furniture and jump on counters. My dream kitten would have no back legs. Our two dogs love kitties; it’s the heaps of reptiles we have that have me worried. That, and Shawn hates those of the feline persuasion, and one of my good friends is extremely allergic.

So I’m forced to foster these little stowaways outside, at least until we find kindhearted fools who are willing to take in these furry bundles. We’ve been working on socializing them, and although they are still timid, they no longer hiss and spit when we pick them up, which is too bad because it sounds hilariously like our Steam Shot cleaner. *pfffsst* *pfffsst*

Cat lounging outside

Mama Cat kickin' it in the cool spot

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