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Just an Evening?! with Game of Thrones

Behind the scenes with the Emmy’s, aired March 3, 2013 live on Emmys.com. Featuring the man himself, George RR Martin, producers Benioff & Weiss, actors Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams and many other folks of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The 90-minute footage includes some great interaction between the cast and interviews with many of the major stars of this hit show.

An Evening with Game of Thrones

GoT Season 3 airs in just a few hours!

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Peter Dinklage talks Nerd Glaze, Game of Thrones & more

Peter Dinklage interview on The Daily Show. The phrase “nerd glaze” is coined to describe the obsession and after-effect of marathon watching Game of Thrones.

They also talk about his role in the 52nd Street Project production, STAND BY ME, The Reliable Plays. Peter Dinklage joins other actors to perform plays written by kids. Tickets are no longer available, but the Project has other events throughout the Summer.

Don’t forget to check out Season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which airs TONIGHT!

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Game of Thrones Special Effects: CGI & Green Screen in Season 1

Call me an ignoramus, but I didn’t catch all the details that qualify as “special effects” in HBO’s Game of Thrones when I watched it this past season.

I think I really believed that they either found a magical location with these really cool castles or had them built. Because, it’s easy to build castles on location, right?

Hey, I didn’t think the Wall was real. I’m not THAT dumb’n. I thought maybe it was claymation or something.

What’s the secret? Green screen was heavily used to create all those awesome castle turrets and spires! The trick is, they make sets of the bottom half of what they want and green screen the tops, so they can add in the towers, pillars and whatnot. The stallion statues outside of Vaes Dothrak? The Horse Gate, my friends, is all CGI. Sorry! You can’t buy it on ebay. :(

Even though Peter Dinklage is pretty badass, they weren’t really going to just drop him on the edge of a cliff. Obviously, he’d fly away or something if he had to wait too long. There’s lots of filming left for him to do! So instead they greenscreened it to save time lugging all the gear up there. It’s essentially win-win.

And there are some other added touches that required CGI; you don’t just get that much snow south of the Wall, especially not in Ireland in the summer! They pretty much created Winterfell, The Eyrie and King’s Landing out of thin air. Since you probably realize that the Wall is not real, then you won’t be too surprised to see that the elevator is just a prop, like a medieval Tardis. I’d LOVE to see Tyrion pissing off the “Wall” in green screen behind-the-scenes!

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I Love You Too Movie: Peter Dinklage Extras

Continuing with the “I Love You Too” movie info, here are a couple of funny extras featuring Peter Dinklage. :)

I love behind the scenes extras, so these are a nice bonus.

Can ya blame her?

Looks like someone has designs on Peter Dinklage’s role in the film too!

Such intrigue going on behind the scenes. Watch your back, Peter!

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