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Some Goodies for GoT Viewers Thus Far

Wow, how’d you like “The Pointy End”? Episode 8 of HBO’s Game of Thrones did not disappoint.

If you didn’t watch it yet, this isn’t a safe place to play. Spoilers possible below.

Now that the plot is in full swing, some characters have made their exits, and our hopes and dreams for a safe, happy Westeros have been dashed to bits, I can now reveal a good deal of interviews and other goodies are available from fellow GoT bloggers.

First up, a fantastic interview with Miltos Yeromelou, who plays Arya’s dancing master Syrio Forel. We still do not know the fate of the First Sword of Braavos, but we can at least follow the adventures of the real life actor who plays him! A big thanks to the Cast of Thrones team for this one.

And now for something something completely different, to lighten the mood and brighten the spirits after last night’s episode!

Have you seen The Pointy End comic? Created by Mike Rosenzweig over at Winter is Coming. If anyone knows other GoT or ASoIaF web comics, drop me a line!

For more funny, check out the hilarious Game of Thrones parody:

The more studious among you may want to brush up on the Dothraki language from this wiki.

And finally, a preview for Episode 9…

Don’t forget, Sunday is Coming…

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I Love You Too Movie: Peter Dinklage Extras

Continuing with the “I Love You Too” movie info, here are a couple of funny extras featuring Peter Dinklage. :)

I love behind the scenes extras, so these are a nice bonus.

Can ya blame her?

Looks like someone has designs on Peter Dinklage’s role in the film too!

Such intrigue going on behind the scenes. Watch your back, Peter!

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Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)

I’m just minutes away from watching the premiere of Season 1, Episode 6. Here’s a little compilation from HBO about the character of Tyrion Lannister for your viewing pleasure!

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