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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: GoT Playing Cards

If collectible card games aren’t your thing, how about a set of “normal” playing cards?

As normal as things can be in the world of HBO’s Game of Thrones. These playing cards are perfect for poker night, and are still suitable for a collector who’d rather just stick with 52 cards (plus jokers) in a deck, thankyouverymuch. Each suit is assigned to a specific house sigil: Starks are Clubs, Baratheons are Spades, Lannisters are Diamonds and Targaryens are Hearts; each “face card” features a character portrait from the first season of the show. The final touch completes the deck with Varys as the Joker.

The 3″x4″ Game of Thrones playing card deck from Dark Horse comics are sturdy enough for regular play but are not casino-quality, all plastic construction, so shuffle this deck carefully!

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: GoT Card Game Chapter Packs

Let’s dive into the Game of Thrones card game a little more and talk about the available Chapter Packs!

Assuming you already have A Game of Thrones LCG core set, the available Chapter Packs bring a new level of gameplay as you risk it all for the Iron Throne. Chapter Pack add-ons are sets of additional 40-60 cards (depending on version) to supplement your decks, whether they are the standard out-of-the box ones or hand-customized decks that suit your gaming style.

Unlike traditional Collectible Card Games (CCG), Fantasy Flight Games use the Living Card Game (LCG) model of boosting their playable content.

Fantasy Flight Games has a method of game additions that removes the random assortment and “rare cards” aspect that can frustrate gamers and collectors. Each expansion offers the same set of cards but leaves it open for the gamer to create their own customized, dynamic deck that suits their style. The Chapter Packs are one method (GoT expansions are another) to expand your gameplay, and there are a lot of different packs to choose from. The older version featured 40-card expansions. The new, updated version includes 60 cards, with 3 copies of each card instead of 2 as in the previous version. The good news is that many of the older 40 card packs have been updated to the revised version.

Since there are a TON of these expansions, we’ve included just a sampling of the cards available, all in the new 60-card format. You still need the Core Set to play these expansions! The Return of the Others was the last to be published in the 40-card format, but the one featured here is revised. It is part of the Defenders of the North expansion pack set, featuring Starks, Wolves & Wildlings, all of which are popular with everyone.

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: GoT Card Game Expansions

Jazz up the cold winter nights with some great expansion packs for The Game of Thrones card game!

If you were with us last year when we posted about the Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game, you know all about this game and jousts and melees and how each card is an individual work of art. Well now dive deeper into the game with these expansion decks from Fantasy Flight that enhance your game with extended House cards. The Lords of Winter expansion includes Starks and Tullys, and using it alone will create a dominant force in the North. Balance out that power with the other expansion packs, such as Queen of Dragons with House Targaryen that enhances the traits of Dragons and Dothraki.

With the Princes Of The Sun Expansion, you bring the might of House Martell to the gameplay in full force. Now available with the Dornish cards is a new Civil War option, based on the way their house held the Targaryens at bay. The King of Seas expansion lets you play the traitorous Greyjoys with their raiding warship fleet. While there are other house expansions, the Baratheons are a dead line and nobody wants to play a Lannister.

If you tend to build your own decks and don’t stick to particular houses, any of the expansions to Game of Thrones LCG will bring new elements and strategies, so feel free to buy the ones you like best. Otherwise, buy as many as you can to keep all the houses equal during play.

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End of a Gaming Era

This morning at 12:04am PST, City of Heroes shut down its servers for the final time.

I was there with my gaming group, the same folks I’ve been playing CoH with since it came out in April 2004. We haven’t played together consistently, but it was great to come together in the final days and document an era in gaming that has seen many changes. For the record, City of Heroes came out half a year before World of Warcraft. Maybe that can help put into perspective how influential and inveterate City of Heroes has been in the online gaming world.

I have to admit, aside from the character creation and the existence of the Pixie Patrol Supergroup, I wasn’t that into City of Heroes. It wasn’t until the release of City of Villains expansion in October 2005 that I began playing the game in earnest. I put aside Final Fantasy XI Online, which I loved and still remember fondly, and World of Warcraft in order to consolidate my social gaming into City of Villains. With the two different versions of the game, the moniker CoX became the common way to refer to the duality of gameplay. Villains gave it the push I needed to choose that universe over the others. How can you say no to being a bad guy?

After a while, our gaming group splintered to other games but a few of us managed to keep playing Villains weekly since 2006. We also “went Rogue” with an additional expansion in 2010. Stories have been added to enrich the gameplay, costumes have been created, friends have been made, and there’s never been a dull moment. Until the announcement in late August this year that NCSoft was disbanding the development team, Paragon Studios, and shutting down the servers in November.

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2011 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Game of Thrones RPG Video Game

You thought were done for the year, dincha? Well, there’s still some great GRRM gifts out there, that weren’t quite ready for this holiday season! Such as the Game of Thrones RPG video game, coming early next year from Cyanide Studios and Atlus Entertainment!

Pre-order the Game of Thrones RPG for PS3 or Xbox and Amazon you’ll lock in the lowest price available at the time of shipping, currently scheduled for March 6, 2012. This World of Westeros RPG title allows you to play multiple characters within the Game of Thrones storyline. Will you be a Ranger, Builder or Steward? Each role requires you serve the realm as a brother of the Nightwatch!

In the meantime, you can check out the interactive quizzes and other features online at the Official Game of Thrones RPG Website. Like the page on Facebook and unlock more content! Currently there are a bunch of game previews, character bios and promo downloads of The Wall.

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2011 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Battles of Westeros Game

So as if there weren’t enough games centered around the world of Westeros, Fantasy Flight offers another board game based on their 2 player strategy board game system, BattleLore.

Battles of Westeros features a playing board (the kind that you build your self out of hexagon pieces), a deck of cards, plastic figures, a bunch of dice and of course a dragon’s hoard of tokens. Use these items to conquer the battlefield. If you win the coin flip, you can chose House Stark, and the loser has to play House Lannister.

Follow the battle scenarios in the included Westeros Battle guide (straight from the books A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin), or design your own. The game should give you and your foe about an hour of play time.

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2011 Holiday Gifts Roundup: A Song of Ice and Fire RPG

We bring you yet another way to fight and scheme in the world of Westeros! The more the merrier, and we want this season to be pretty effing merry!

Green Ronin Publishing presents A Song Of Ice And Fire Roleplaying: Adventures In The Seven Kingdoms and A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: A RPG Sourcebook, two core books that provide a complete roleplaying adventure. Other expansion books are also available to keep the gamer folk happy. This RPG is award-winning, so I highly suggest you pick this up if you are looking for a campaign to satisfy the GRRM fans among your tribe or guild or whatever gamers call themselves these days.

Want to try before you buy? All you tight-fisted Scrooges might be interested in the ASoIaF RPG Quick Start PDF, but you’ll have to visit Green Ronin’s website to get it.

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2011 Holiday Gifts Roundup: A Game of Thrones Card Game

If a 5 foot sword isn’t your idea of a stocking stuffer, why don’t you delight your loved ones with A Game of Thrones: The Card Game? Based on the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by award-winning author George R. R. Martin, the card game from Fantasy Flight Games is a sure hit for GRRM fans and card gamers alike.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Luckily, if it’s just the card game you don’t have to sweat it. You can play with 2-4 players, in a heads up game with one opponent (a joust) or multiplayer with up to 3 other players (a melee). Similar to other collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, these cards are more than just game pieces, they are works of art! There are many expansion packs available, allowing you to customize your playing deck to fell your foes. The starter game package includes a game board and four 52-card playing decks to get you reaving and plundering your enemies.

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2011 Holiday Gifts Roundup: A Game of Thrones Board Game

Winter is Coming. And here is a game to replace all other boardgames these long winter nights… A Game of Thrones: The Board Game.

Choose your House. There’s no wimpy thimble in this game. Only iron, blood, and glory. Unlike Monopoly, you don’t charge rent – you take heads. You’ll need three to six players to prove your skills in battle, strategy and card-wielding. Take lands and control your strongholds. Be the first to unite the realm of Westeros. You even have little privacy screens like ye olde Dungeon Master. Surely a hit at your next holiday party!

Like reading the novels, you must be over 14 to play.

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2011 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Game of Thrones Genesis

**** Spoiler alert on this merry little jingle….beware, it is also awful. ***

Up in Winterfell, Direwolf paws!
Out jump White walkers, hungry maws!
Up in a window Bran is shoved!
Off to the Wall with the bastard unloved!

Ho ho ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Ho ho ho! Ned’s gotta go!
Down to King’s Landing, clop, clop, clop!
Off with his head, chop, chop, chop!

Do you know what others also think is awful? Game of Thrones: Genesis, the PC game from Cyanide. It’s gotten really low scores on Amazon, while Steam users are recommending it. It’s in my own Wishlist, hint. It has a metascore of 54, with a user score of 4.5, which is worryingly low. However, most reviewers are a bunch of saggy-pants whiny green boys. The positive reviews do tell of a game of strategy, statesmanship, alliance, treachery, and choices. You can’t hack and slash your way to victory, so go play an FPS for godsake.

Anyway, I really don’t want to twist your arm or anything but Amazon is having a sale on this puppy so if you want to try it out, now’s the time.

You can also find this 4.1 GB download at Steam. It’s so special there’s no hard-copy available. I guess that saves the Earth from thousands of abandoned polycarbonate discs in the long-run if the scores are anything to go by. If you don’t use Steam I guess it would be hard to gift this to someone, so this one’s all yours.

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