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It never ends….

Peter Dinklage was not in the movie In Bruges

Peter Dinklage was not in the movie In Bruges, yet his Wikipedia page is changed at least twice a month

This is pretty much a continuing saga…. A vigilant editor has put a note in there letting everyone who tries to edit the Peter Dinklage Wikipedia page that he was NOT in the movie In Bruges.

Wikipedia is a precarious world of words.

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Peter Dinklage WAS NOT IN “In Bruges”


Peter Dinklage: Not in In Bruges

Psssst....It's Jordan Prentice who stars in "In Bruges"

I think I see the “He was great in In Bruges” comment at least eleventy-hundred times a week.

For examples of the many, many, many films that Peter Dinklage actually IS in (as well as TV shows, theatrical appearances & more), please see the Peter Dinklage Filmography page.

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