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Peter Drunklage? No Relation.

Our very own Peter Dinklage appeared on a Saturday Night Live sketch on April 6th during the Weekend Update segment. During an interview with Drunk Uncle (a recurring SNL character) on the state of taxes, we see Drunk Uncle’s brother-in-law, Peter Drunklage, who shares a similar proclivity to alcohol consumption and political ranting, especially against immigrants.

Judging from various commentators over the internet, some think that Peter Drunklage reflects Peter Dinklage’s views on taxes, immigration, and the Republican party. The first rule of surviving the intellectual decline in a post-literate society is to never read comments on any news article or YouTube video. I can’t speak for Mr. Dinklage’s personal political views, but I would hope that most SNL viewers, at least, would understand the level of satire that goes on in each sketch. So before assuming that Peter Dinklage is showing his support for either the GOP or chronic alcoholism, just remember 1) he’s an actor and 2) it’s SNL.

In other news, great to see Peter Dinklage on SNL! Many folks are clamoring for him to get to host the show. One day…

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Just an Evening?! with Game of Thrones

Behind the scenes with the Emmy’s, aired March 3, 2013 live on Emmys.com. Featuring the man himself, George RR Martin, producers Benioff & Weiss, actors Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams and many other folks of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The 90-minute footage includes some great interaction between the cast and interviews with many of the major stars of this hit show.

An Evening with Game of Thrones

GoT Season 3 airs in just a few hours!

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Peter Dinklage talks Nerd Glaze, Game of Thrones & more

Peter Dinklage interview on The Daily Show. The phrase “nerd glaze” is coined to describe the obsession and after-effect of marathon watching Game of Thrones.

They also talk about his role in the 52nd Street Project production, STAND BY ME, The Reliable Plays. Peter Dinklage joins other actors to perform plays written by kids. Tickets are no longer available, but the Project has other events throughout the Summer.

Don’t forget to check out Season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which airs TONIGHT!

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2012 Holiday Gifts Roundup: Game of Thrones, Season 1

Watch it again, for the first time. Or something. Get Game of Thrones, Season One, on five discs with your choice of Blu-Ray or DVD.

The first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones was groundbreaking entertainment which scored a slew of Emmys for the cable company. Based on George RR Martin’s acclaimed fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire, the TV show has been able to capture the essence of the book in an adaptation that works on screen. A few details, both big and small (depending on how obsessed you are with the book version), are changed to keep viewers engaged with the plot and characters. But if you’re reading this – you know all about it!

Sadly, these newer discs probably won’t have the original footage of Ned’s severed head, which was based on a model of George W Bush that HBO had previously used for another production. However, you can see pictures of it on the interwebs.

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Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones

Starting this week, a new book dedicated to the making of the TV show Game of Thrones will reveal the inside scoop on how our favorite show of all time came to be. Before you rush out to your local bookstore, however, take a look at the HBO Store. They’re offering some exlusive material in The Collector’s Edition Box Set that ships in November.

Replete with maps, illustrations, storyboards, on-set photos, interviews and more, the hardcover book includes a forward by THE MAN HIMSELF, George R. R. Martin! The Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones book and additional materials are housed in a gold foil stamped box to make an exquisite box set. Get costume designs, histories and family trees with a look at the Dothraki language.

Can’t stand the wait? You can buy just the book (hardcover or Kindle edition) Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones
over at Amazon.

Still not convinced? Check out this video preview!

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Waiting for the Emmys Tonight

If you haven’t heard the news before, I’ll speak slooowly so you don’t miss it.

The Emmy Awards are TONIGHT and Peter Dinklage is again nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I’m a bit perplexed, but I’ll get to that in a sec. Game of Thrones is also nominated for Best Drama. The big quandary in my gut is that it’s going up against Breaking Bad, my newest favoritest show. Odds are against GoT winning, but I’m gonna have to pull for it to win in the name of GRRM, D&D, Peter Dinklage and the rest of the outstanding cast. Michelle Fairley, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Alfie Allen, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, and Richard Madden were also nominated but didn’t make the Emmys short list.

Game of Thrones has already won ten billion awards (actually 6 which is just as impressive) at the Creative Arts Emmys that happened last Sunday.

So if you’ve been wondering, like I was, about why Peter Dinklage was only nominated as Best Supporting Actor instead of BEST ACTOR, it turns out it was a decision of HBO to nominate actors for only supporting roles, to avoid calling anyone out as top billing. However, we all know the truth. Tyrion is, in fact, the main character of A Song of Ice and Fire; therefore, we know he’s the main character of Game of Thrones. We let Ned take the limelight last year because we knew it was going to just FREAK OUT the newbies for him to get the axe. So while I’m a little bit sad that he won’t be winning his well-earned award, I think it’s a cool thing for HBO to do this time. Next time, really let him win. His name’s already first in the opening credits.

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Game of Thrones Renwed for Third Season!

Looks like Game of Thrones has been renewed for Season 3! HBO has put in its order for 10 more episodes. Some unbelievers and doubters were sweating it up, as many expected the renewal to come immediately following this year’s season premier on April 1st.

George R R Martin will be writing an episode once more, tentatively titled “Autumn Storms”, the seventh episode of the season.

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Exactly 8 Weeks Away…

Only 8 more weeks until the premiere of Season 2 of Game of Thrones on HBO! This season roughly correlates to A Clash of Kings, the second book of George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. Parts are also included from the third book, Storm of Swords, as some storylines were pulled in early from season one.

The wait is nearly over! Tune in on Sunday, April 1, 2012 for the second season of award-winning show Game of Thrones on HBO.

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Peter Dinklage Wins Golden Globe Award

Tonight was the awards ceremony for the 2011 Golden Globes, and nobody was surprised that Peter Dinklage won yet again for Best Supporting Actor in his role as Tyrion in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Except for his mother, who apparently thought Guy Pearce was gonna take it home. You know how moms are… she secretly knew he’d win but just wanted him to act surprised.

Check out Peter Dinklage’s Golden Globes acceptance speech!

World famous dog-sitter Kitty was not mentioned tonight, however, the actor was nervous about leaving his newborn DAUGHTER (congrats!) home with a baby-sitter. :)

Unfortunately, Game of Thrones did not win best Drama TV Series. The win went instead to Showtime’s Homeland. We’re not even going to talk about the People’s Choice snubs a few weeks back. Looking at the winners for that awards show, I think they’re probably a totally different beast that doesn’t like to acknowledge any series not on basic cable.

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Peter Dinklage and GoT Golden Globes Noms

The nominees have been announced for the 2011 Golden Globes and guess who’s on it? HBO’s Game of Thrones has been nominated for Best Drama Series and is up against the likes of Homeland, American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire and Boss – all cable network series, showing the talent present on cable these days.

Peter Dinklage has also made the cut, naturally, with the likes of Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), Paul Giamatti (Too Big to Fail), Tim Robbins (Cinema Verite) and Guy Pearce (Mildred Pierce) in the Best Supporting Actor category. Tune in to NBC on January 15, 2012 as Ricky Gervais hosts The Golden Globes!

Good luck to the GoT folks!

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